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by Crime
24 Oct 2015 15:10
Forum: Trade Offers
Topic: old saw
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old saw

they also spawn in the new sawmill btw, found like 20 so far ^^ but obviously i am playing on hungry gamers
by Crime
18 Oct 2015 09:32
Forum: Neuigkeiten
Topic: Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [German]
Replies: 29
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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [German]

Bugs: => Wenn man in Sektor A hinter den baracken durch die Mauerkücke kriechen will bricht man sich die Beine oder stirbt gleich ganz. => Wenn man auf der neuen Landmasse durch ein Eckhaus rennt, kann es dazu kommen das das Geräusch vom Holzboden bleibt, ziemlich lustig aber nervig, wenn man im fi...
by Crime
17 Aug 2015 18:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Strange question but... running speed?
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Strange question but... running speed?

double tab will slow you down after like 5 seconds, the turbo people mentioned above is a bug where you use the full speed you get when pushinng double w in the first seconds for the whole time, means you get the fastest boost the whole time without losing stamina, maybe search on youtube for a turb...
by Crime
18 Jul 2015 06:01
Forum: News & Announcements
Topic: Update 1.8 teaser
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Update 1.8 teaser

You'll have to sleep with one eye open at night now. EDIT: As for the status of the upcoming patch, we have finished restructuring the whole mod and are now testing everything and tightening the last bolts to make sure everything is working properly before we release. We understand your impatience,...
by Crime
10 Jul 2015 18:15
Forum: Server Discussion
Topic: Bierstübchen/Beer House
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Bierstübchen/Beer House

Klingt gut, außer das lock on ist ^^
by Crime
10 Jul 2015 13:43
Forum: Team- und Spielersuche
Topic: Bandit Squad Sucht:
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Bandit Squad Sucht:

na dann sucht mal ;)
by Crime
06 Jul 2015 13:09
Forum: Ideas for the next patch
Topic: Massive suggestion list
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Massive suggestion list

1. bullshit, no need 2. i agree 3. there is a quarry in novistrana 4. no need, only more lagg 5. a control panel for car spawns would be nice,, like blocking the gunner suv f.e. 6. dunno 7. i agree 8. good idea, need to be a bit more worked out then 9. bad idea, no fucking epoch ^^ 10. there is lol,...

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