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by IugalisChaos
14 Sep 2016 16:39
Forum: Ideas for the next patch
Topic: Vehicle Reinforcements
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Vehicle Reinforcements

Reinforced an MG Pickup to lvl 3. No changes were made to vehicle appearence and it didn't help at all when taking fire from ai helo's.

Vehicles that cannot be improved thru reinforcements should have that stated when reinforcing is attempted instead of wasting the materials.
by IugalisChaos
14 Sep 2016 00:24
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Origins Mod 1.8.3 Bug Reports
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Origins Mod 1.8.3 Bug Reports

Have died twice putting on Hero 3 skins. One was described as some sort of muslim outfit and the other was a Hero 3 Var 3. Both times I lost my gear as there was no grave when I went back to base.

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