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Ban Appeal Info

Postby JoePowell » 25 Aug 2014 15:07

This is what you need to do when making an appeal :

- You make a post in the appropriate topic ( X395S, X416S, X476S, X481S, X487S or X500S ) with all the necessary info :
  1. In game name
  2. What you were doing
  3. DATE
  4. GUID
  5. Server Name and IP you were on

What happens next :

- Your appeal will get checked by an Admin

- When your post has "got checked" in it , it means that your appeal has been processed and the result is posted in one of the results topics.It does not mean you are unbanned.

Things not to do :

- Expect an Admin to PM you with the result

- PM an Admin asking when you will be unbanned

- PM an Admin asking why you got denied : you get denied because you cheated !!

- Lie to an Admin

- Making an appeal when you know you used a hack/cheat or "had one on your comp but didn't use it" ( let's not waste each others time ).

Reasons to get unbanned:

- You never cheated and did nothing wrong at all ( has never happened !! )

- You had minimal contact with hacked weapons ( like once or twice ). If you've picked up several hacked weapons over several days you either spawn them yourself or have a friend who does it...You get ONE second chance.

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