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Origins Days - Friendly #1 PVE server looking for more players

Posted: 01 Jul 2016 08:34
by spuduk3
Alzir wrote:Hi Server Admins,

I was wondering how often you carry out wipes and patching updates. I joined your server recently as an old Taviana resident and unfortunately the server seems to currently be down. As an ex admin myself i know there can be hiccups in the system some times.

Other than that, great server!

sometimes when the server restarts you will get a black screen , if me/becky or madness is online we can restart the server, if no admin is online then sadly you have to wait til next restart, the server owners deal with any of the patching side of things, so far we havent wiped the server,
as i tell players any problems when im not online please contact me through steam and leave a message for me, you can find me there profile name is same as here

Origins Days - Friendly #1 PVE server looking for more players

Posted: 01 Sep 2016 20:16
by spuduk3
server is still up and going,like most servers we have seen players come and go, at the moment we have a a small amount of regulars player from all around europe.
we are a friendlyand helpful server always on the lookout for more players, players of all ages are welcome ages of our players range from teenagers up to players on the wrong side of forty.
yes this is a pve server and do have certain rules like no stealing from peoples vehicles or bases or stealing of vehicles.
even thou this is a pve server we do have people who are bandits, this is because they like and prefer the bandit houses, the only time we allow any player killing is when is is agreed between all involved parties and it has the admins permission
yes we have have banned people for stealing and player because they didnt think the rules applied to them
feel free to come along and test out the server and if you like , your are very welcome to stay and bring friends along, the more the merrier

Origins Days - Friendly #1 PVE server looking for more players

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 13:47
by spuduk3
still going strong, recently things have been quiet on the server but now things have started to pick up again with more new players joining come along and have fun