OriginsRP Roleplay Server

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OriginsRP Roleplay Server

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Welcome To OriginsRP
We at OriginsRP would personally like to welcome you all to the community. At OriginsRP, we aim to focus on creating an environment where serious roleplaying scenarios can take place and where the community can directly influence the course of events throughout the server.

To be able to be accepted into the community, you must read our rules page and keep up to date with the new rules. Also, are to understand our server lore. The lore defines the environment that you will be interacting with and surviving in. After all this please fill out your whitelist application to be accepted into the server and embrace the lands of Taviana. We hope you will take the time to browse the forums and join the community.

Thanks and enjoy your stay at OriginsRP. Welcome survivor, to OriginsRP and the region of Taviana. Take your first step towards playing DayZ Origins the way it was meant to be played. Carry out the role of a survivor that is pushed to the limits against the harsh weather conditions, struggle for food and water and fight against the undead waves that blood thirst for blood and others like yourself.

In your journeys meet interesting people, make new friends or foes, be part of something bigger than yourself. Become a member of survivor group or live like a lone wolf life, the choice is up to yours to make. Build incredible stories and tales that will endure in the minds of the people you meet and interact with. This is your story and you are the main protagonist.

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OriginsRP Roleplay Server

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Sign me up. Sounds like fun if you can get a good mature group of players.
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