Apoc Origins | Fresh Server 1/12/2016

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Apoc Origins | Fresh Server 1/12/2016

Post by Maxy » 04 Dec 2016 00:08

Hello survivors, I am happy to announce that our official DayZ Origins server has just been released as of December 1st.
Server is hosted on a dedicated SSD drive.
IP Address:
-If using Origins Launcher, search for [Apoc]-
Server Settings Difficulty: Veteran
Skills: OFF
Start Loadout: M4 CCO
Barter Island: OFF
Lock Vehicles: OFF
Turbo: ON
Weight: MAX
Grass: ON
Death Messages: ON
AI Air Difficulty: Normal
Mission Spawn Time: 50 Minutes
Weather: Random
Night: Random
Restart Hours: 3 Hours
Base Spawn: ON
All players are welcome, we hope to see you in-game! :) #HappyPurging :)

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