Aussie Battlers Union Server

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Aussie Battlers Union Server

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Hi Players,

Just letting you know all that this server is now playable, previously this service was white listed for friends only but we have now since taken this off

Ip Address:
Port: 5889

Server is Hosted in Montreal Canada

Max Weight
Trader Island
MI 24 AI Patrol
Missions at 10% Difficulty
Sector B AI Guards at 10% Difficulty
KRK Island Guards at 10% Difficulty

Couple of Basic Rules

Whilst PVP is 100% encouraged please note that.. Sector B and players engaging in missions is off limits to PVP activity all other area's are fine. One final thing, you can kill people at their bases however stealing from houses is not, same goes with stealing vehicles from players bases.

We also have a team speak server set up as well, please ask in game for server details.
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Aussie Battlers Union Server

Post by MACHFiSH »

Hey mate, is the server currently down? Whats happening?
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