Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

You have good ideas and suggestions for the next update? Post it here.
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by JoePowell »

Hello All,

Happy new year to everyone.
If anyone would like to provide feedback on the current system, improvements that could be made, or new ideas to be introduce please feel free to let us know by replying to this post.


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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by RookTheChariot »

It would be nice if you could set a community list. This list would allow your friends to have the option to open your houses or garages if they have the pin code to it. And it would be great if it could also remove the space restrictions on all sides except the front. That way you can create a gated community with little to no fences.

Can we also have the option to rename the house and reset pin codes in game. It would be helpful if the owner could change it as needed.
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by xDenisFTW »

Maybe add the M110 Sniper rifle to the game, i would really like to see my favourite sniper rifle in my favourite mod

And please give us back the Helicopter Patrol with 3 Hueys instead of 2
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by spuduk3 »

things i would like to see changed/ added to the mod
1. ability to demolish nested buildings space in vehicles, should be in relation to size of vehicle
3. maybe remove some vehicles and replace them with vehicles made by player like proper off road buggy, maybe more motorbikes
4. have a timer countdown on trader island for when stock changes
5. be able to fold up backpack(they take up x amount of slots due to size) and put them inside the backpack that you are wearing
6. extra type building, ie like medical tent
7. make the storage in the fort/stronghold realistic in comparison to the size of house, the effort and resources put into making it, the storage is not inproportion
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by xDenisFTW »

Give us a pvp mode you can set up in the server settings with the old medic/repair stuff from past versions (toolbox, just one wheel type ...)
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by a2nac »

Of course everyone wants to see the modification to the Arma 3, and it is the desire of the majority. The origins of creativity need for gameplay. We need to forget about the boring monotonous buildings and introduce a modular construction. Wooden, concrete or steel base protects against shots respectively materials. The higher the player's level, the greater the area it can be used for construction. I agree that spawn vehicles must be random. It will be interesting for the constant search for vehicles. Buildings which could attend the inside, must be greater. This will give more room to the players. Many modifications have anomalous zones, and it is interesting. Radiation protection may be the chemical protective suit. You can make a wetsuit or scuba gear that helps players for a long time in the water. The more options the player will have to work, the more interesting it will be to play.
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by GrandRoyal »

- Some more missions.
- Weapon modification is awesome.. more!
- The Quest for weapons is brilliant. Mabey more quests for some car, heli, secret location etc.
- Make an admin option to remove all the subs and boats on Sector.
- Also.. Instead of a 40% ai limit to remove the M2 boxes ( sector), just an option to remove boxes.
- Prison Island: Prison guards and if you free the prisoner(s) = quest of some sort. ( really like the quest thing )
- Taviana zoo: Some strange animal that may carry some loot if killed.
- Make NV googles more rare
- Big industrial on the new land ( looks awesome btw )
- Light Mg on submarine

Really like how you make every loot important. Now even an can of sardines ( open ) is needed.

Keep up the good work!
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by JimmyDazzler »

As a solo player i would love there to be a wider variety of storage options early game.

Tents are easily found and when you are trying to build your first house as a solo player, the last thing you want is all your stuff gone that you were trying to store to build a house.
Cars etc are far to risky as a solo player. Found easily. Die a lot while moving around the map.

Maybe storage that can only hold items, say 50. No room for guns etc. Super small. A bit like the storage crates only easier to get. Maybe a dug up stash area. Can be built in grass areas.

Then again you could just make the storage crates spawn in certain areas on the main map. As i understand it you can only get them in Sector B?
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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by geblockt »

I have some suggestions for the Origins Mod:

1. Forget about the Lvl 1,2,3,4 Houses. The Lvl2 Heroe House for example is so small, you can break a leg in it, the bathtub is so useless. Every player build a lot of houses, garages etc. It would be nice if you can build two modular houses, first you start with a small wooden house, maybe its possible to add a new skill system, where you must learn the housebuilding skill (practice materials, like wood or stones, maybe burn cinder in the furnace. why should a lvl2 house generate stuff). Then you can upgrade your House, after some normal building stages and a lot of upgrade stages you can build extensions like small garage, storage room, maybe a power generator (needed for lamps, defence walls etc). You can upgrade the small garage then to a large garage and maybe to a garage with a heli port on it. If someone misplaced the house it must be possible to relocate the house every server restart for some meters. You have to stand in a corner of the house (where you build the stages) and choose "relocate" or something like that. So the player can correct some small errors. Maybe you can add a opportunity to reinforce the house in some stages. And please, not everytime the same stuff like wood, stones, reinf material, cement etc. just materials for the wanted stage/extensions. That you need more different loot. so that people dont loot the same stuff the hole day. You avoid hotspots with a custom material list (For example the roof, why you need so much cinder for it).

2. Reorganize the Loot: The north of Taviana like Kameni is complete useless for looting anything... You should add some more places in the north or just use the big railway stations in the north for special loot (maybe 50% chance of spawning a monument blueprint near destroyed trains. For the Story: After the beginning of the apocalypse, high level taviana people tried to save some art with trains, but the train never left... etc) So people will go there every restart, like now the saturn factory, NPP, sabina bank etc. Maybe there could be a better place for metal tubes as well somewhere.

3. More Quests: We need more quests. Not only for weapons, maybe to increase humanity or some rare items like metal tubes , cinder etc. Not only fighting Missions, Weapon Quests. Esp on PVE Servers not everyone want to kill.

4. The monuments ... i dont know why you add them, but i dont need a medic / the medicskill anymore. Thanks jesus. Or people dont need to loot survival food packs anymore, thanks buddha. So why monuments with a lootspawn ? You could add some loot spawnpoints near big monuments on the map, where you can find some loot every restart. Maybe the opportunity to build a monument, but just for decoration. The kids wont leave their base anymore now :P

5. Mutant Camp near Vladimir: It would be nice if there is a bunker instead the camp, with mutants around and maybe some evil scientist inside the building. There you can find maybe a antidote for the mutant infection or blueprints of a weapon where you can turn bots into mutants :) a rare, but not powerfull weapon maybe, less shots / waiting time, just for the weapon collectors. And maybe a cool epidemics suit ;) So the Mutant Camp could be a good place then. No people drive over the tents, loot the cinder and well...

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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by Spook1 »

Hoards. Wandering hoards of zombies. Realistically you cannot just have a map full of zombies. The server might just melt, even if is virtual. The host can be overloaded. But, just like missions, they could randomly spawn around the map, but only near a player. Limit to 1 or 2 hoards per the whole map at a time to keep server resources in control.
Imagine you are in Sabina retrieving a safe and when you come out of the bank and you see the city square is teaming with zombies that have been pouring in from the north of the square, they see you and start running.....

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Ideas for 2016 Origins Mod

Post by [HvE]Jesus »

- Remove the ability to shoot the new sd guns(m4 sd, ak sd,rk-95 sd and so on) with the non-sd ammo. I think this is a bug since SD-guns should have higher bullet-travel-time and lower damage and it's just broken the way it is right now(600m kill with m4 acog sd)
- add the ability to trade for clothing at barter island
- maybe you get 1 random clothing for the house you've built every restart? so in the bandit lvl 1 house you get l1 clothing, in the hero lvl 2 house you get hero lvl 2 clothing and so on. Or maybe the ability to craft outfits yourself using spraycans and scissors(or even add a new tool for outfit-crafting). I really love the bandit 3 ninja clothing and it's so hard to find :(
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