#TAF# - Looking for players :)

You are looking for a player or a team? Ask here.

Thomas Sullivan Magnum
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#TAF# - Looking for players :)

Post by Thomas Sullivan Magnum » 21 Jan 2016 14:09

Hello to all UK based players (foreign too if you really want). I am looking for some fun players to join our server as I lost 6 active friends recently - they migrated to a PvE server instead.

I generally play evenings and weekends with a few buddies. 3 other clans in game but looking for some players for the long haul who are happy to chat, play, trade etc :P

Active server, really good admins and generally a lot of fun to be had, PM if interested :)

Oh, and we have 3 girl players too so feel free to join if you are female and want to chat to other mature players :)

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#TAF# - Looking for players :)

Post by XXKRYSTALXX » 23 Jan 2016 21:09

I should hope the admins are good, your one of them :lol:

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