As val and kobra sight

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As val and kobra sight

Post by GrandRoyal »

Got me a As Val with a kobra sight from trader. Really like the As Val with just iron sight ( for close combat )
Is it meant that the bullet shall fly like 2 meters above the sight? Pretty useless cobra sight if you ask me,
or mabey I missing something?
Pso scope is accurate.. Is there some magic invisible zeroing? Or mabey the new skill! The study to Ninja in Sabina.
With Kobra scopes, King Cobras, ninja throwing stars and poisioned ninja blow darts!

Or can`t the russkies make aimpoints?
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As val and kobra sight

Post by ishootpaint »

I noticed this also. I belive because the kobra has a preset zero for range the round always takes that trajectory which for subsonic val/vss ammo is a pretty high arc. Try shooting at things at 100m, 200m, etc. And see if the round impact lines up to the dot/chevron down range.

P.S. Russians wish they could make an optic like the west can 8-)
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