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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Waffeleisen » 20 Aug 2014 01:58

I really like it. in my opinion the weight system is not so hardcore like some players say. You can carry weapons, magazines, medical stuff, food, drink and some tools without any problems.
AlexSpain wrote: Many peoples say what they want fun in game, but then you go to any other mod you just killing peoples.

mersk wrote: I'm sorry, I didn't understand this part.
In many mods players want funny items, cal. 120981221 snipers, OP helicopters etc. So you play these mods just for killing players, not to survive.
In origins I have this nice post apocalyptik and survival feeling.


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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Tewdric » 20 Aug 2014 01:59

mersk wrote:
Homer wrote: Probably in the next update there will be something that will connect to the weight system. Like skills.
I seriously hope you're wrong about that. Skills?

Yes.. Skills are coming it was first mentioned back in 1.7.5 or possibly earlier, you may not be aware or are depending if your a seasoned dayz origins player like myself... I personally like the weight system i am not consistently thinking about what I'll carry and if I need to carry a lot over a short distance then there's a car for that.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Chesterfield » 20 Aug 2014 02:04

Voted for some tweaking. I believe the max is 70% atm right? Go up to 90% and most dislikes will go away.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by AlexSpain » 20 Aug 2014 03:21

First topic updated with detailed explication of the system.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by STARSHIPSCEMETERY » 20 Aug 2014 05:44

stamina is cool thing but weight.. not for this game really

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Lev » 20 Aug 2014 06:12

I think its a good idea, but all players on my server dont think so. So, here is my suggestion:
You can make option to admin, to enable/desable weight system
Just increase weight limit to ~100kg, couse it is really imposible to repair car with bad backpack.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by rokyoface » 20 Aug 2014 07:25

I voted for tweak. I have been with origins since the beginning, I love the immersion that all other mods have lost with "spawn with dmr, deploy bike, halo spawn..." I do think that the weight system shouldn't knock you out at max capacity. I have never lifted/carried anything that caused me to blackout before in real life, nor anyone else in the history of ever. I could see becoming encumbered and not being able to run. Maybe even stamina loss causing shaking and heavy breathing that creates fatigue. Passing out every 3 feet and legs breaking because I am attempting to carry items that I couldn't realistically carry is in its own unrealistic. I myself for the sake of immersion do not think my characters backpack can hold car tires. I picture the car tire loot to represent the specific need to repair the tire on the car like a patch kit or air compressor. I just don't feel the need to have to be reminded that my character attempts to carry 400 lbs in a pack and run a mile in 5 minutes. My long winded point is nobody would try or succeed in carrying enough stuff to break legs and make you pass out after 40 feet of walking. I do like the idea of stamina though and hope this will directly affect run speed in the future instead of consciousness.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Vitalicks » 20 Aug 2014 07:31

The weight system is really good and makes the mod even more interesting. Though i think its unfair for new players that join a server and will hardly find a big backpack. Unfortunately there's no way to make the game easier for new fresh players on a server, but i think the weight reduction on 24 slot backpacks should be the same as the adventurers for example. That would make things easier and it would still make the adventurer backpack a good option not just for loot space.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Midnightsfire » 20 Aug 2014 10:00

I voted for take it off this has some reasons

First of all I think nobody miss this in Origins that there is no weight system. Quite the reserve there are many users which know it and hate it from epoch and like i.a. Origins for not have this.

Second often you have point where you must move a lot of stuff from one point to another. Just a few spontaneous examples:
- Building a house at a new position and remove the old
- After a loot day your chopper is full of stuff and you must empty it and put in your house/garage
- You want to repair a chopper and take all the stuff you need for it with you 6 glasses, 1 engine, 1 mainrotor, 2 or 3 scrapmetal(hull) and a Big Jerrycan (just if you want at any cost to keep this feature you should look that a user can carry this if he had the space to carry it)
- You build a stronghold (50 cement bags, 120 stones, 15 reinforcing for each stage) it's really hard enough to get all the stuff and its really annoying if you must run from storage to buildplace more times cause you can't carry all you could carry without weight system
- or look at PvP you damage are driving car/ural/whatever and kill the driver and you can't repair this vehicle there you can may be carry just a little part of the loot. And especially Reinforcing what is beside cinder blocks, screws and now metal pipes the most valuable loot you have a lot of stuff then before the update you must just look that you have enough space now it would be faster a problem with weight as with space
- looting itself is heavier if you are really, really lucky and find some more reinforcing but also need things like cement bags, engines, main rotor and all the other heavy things you are fast over the weight limit and if your vehicle is to far away from the loot you are f***ed ^^

Some personal experience is this thing after a day of looting I want to put everything in my garage just a few steps from chopper to garage but at the half way I was knocked out luckily for me there was no Zombie near by neither a other player or AI.

I know limits are the things that games keeps interesting but afaik this limitation was always one of the most unpopular at other mods.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by GodSaveThaQueen » 20 Aug 2014 11:37

I think that a new system of weight is cool and I want to see it in Origins Mod !

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