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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Homer » 20 Aug 2014 12:16

GodSaveThaQueen wrote:I think that a new system of weight is cool and I want to see it in Origins Mod !

The weight and fatigue system has been implemented in the most recent update 1.7.9.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Vitalicks » 20 Aug 2014 13:48

I really think the weight system is fine. Maybe they can add an option to "load in" like empty the whole backpack into something, etc. I don't know, to me its fine.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by klosiklosi » 20 Aug 2014 16:33

mersk wrote:Currently over 50% of the voters don't like the weight system. My question to the devs is, if you're so determined to keep this unwanted weight system, why did you add a "don't like" option in the vote? If "don't like" ends up with most votes, will you listen to your community and remove it? Or will you ignore your community?

That's the real question here. Because until this is answered, what is the point of the vote?
53% is still very balanced between the crying guys like you and the normal players. especially the large part of players dont vote because they dont have a problem with the patch and so dont search for a platform there can cry.

why is actually as much bitching about the weightsystem? the exchange rate at the traders is a bigger problem in my opinion. the weightsystem brings even more spice to the game.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Waffeleisen » 20 Aug 2014 16:40

This is not a flame topic. The devs just want to know whether you like this new weight system or not! If you don't like it just make a comment why or if you have a suggestion!
Don't flame the devs here they just want to provide you new things so the mod does not get boring. They want suggestions what they could make better. And I'm sure if many players don't like this
system the devs will remove it or make an option for admins to turn it on or off.


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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by Homer » 20 Aug 2014 20:48

I'm going to give my opinion.

Has a veteran player I like the weight system. It forces the player to think, to give more valor to the simple vehicles and has a RPG gamer weight systems have been around me for a long, long time. So it was not Epoch that invented the weight systems.

Working has Public Relations for some time now I know that this kind of vote yes/no is kinda useless. Because the player that like it don't really care about the topic, while the ones that don't like it will come here and give their 2 cents even if its not constructive.

This update was the definitive sign that Origins was not dead, so now use our heads and give the Mod our help. In every previous update there was always complains about this or that, and in the following ones the devs always tweek some aspects. So be constructive because comments like "this is stupid" and "its a copy from Epoch" will be ignored in my opinion.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by ki113r » 20 Aug 2014 22:09

i like it! just change the weight of the tank traps!!!! it's impossible to carry...

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by |LP|Miv.™ » 20 Aug 2014 22:35

I like it, its a chalenge how to arrange the amount of gear to put in the bag.... but it needs some fixes.. and trying to understand how really this works aswell.. but its good for the game its "funny" and hardest than put 20 cement bags , rfm´s etc etc in an adventur ^^

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by XXKRYSTALXX » 21 Aug 2014 16:26

If admin turn the limit up to 70, it actually makes not much difference to old update, since the items don't take as much space, so it seems like it makes a huge difference to game play when actually it doesn't. We have ours turned up top the max and if you only add the amount you could carry before in an adventure..... you can still walk and not pass out! At the end of the day the developers are just trying to progress origins in the way they envisioned it.

The weight thing actually is not the biggest problem here, not being able to hide in a tree from the Z's is a real pain in the a** as mixed with the stamina thing, you have no hope of trying to outrun a Z while bleeding out :o

Otherwise I love the update, and all our players agree, its epic and was much needed to bring the origins love back, but we do need the tree thing back in place.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by technicianhard » 21 Aug 2014 16:34

I like weight system atm, but I don't like one moment: then you use stairs in the nests in counts like youu run, so it's not very comfortable for nest user, others can just walk and don't be affected by fatigue.

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Re: Vote for a new system of weight

Post by mersk » 22 Aug 2014 00:05

The vote now has 108 total votes, and it seems to be quite stable at over 50% negative to the weight system. I realize that the devs probably won't remove the weight system, even if the community seems to dislike it. But there can be no doubt that the system needs tweaks.

Here are my suggestions:
1. Put the default weight limit higher, to at least 70kg.
2. Let admins choose to disable it (if they can't already - I was told by a mod on the Facebook page that they can, but I've seen others here make the same request)
3. If the poll continues to show that over 50% dislike it, maybe have it disabled as default? And then let each server admin choose to enable it if they want. It would be interesting to see how many servers enable it, I'm guessing quite few.
4. Remove deafness and broken legs. This is not realism. No one goes deaf from lifting too much, and no one breaks their legs from lifting too much.

Also, I agree with others here who have mentioned the challenges with the trader (too easy to get high end gear) and that zeds now punch through pine trees. It is very difficult to avoid killing zombies, and thus revealing your position, without being able to hide in pine trees. And, like the poster "XXKRYSTALXX" mentioned, it's very difficult to outrun zombies when you combine this with the stamina system. It also makes it difficult for bandits to keep a low humanity if they constantly have to kill zombies because they can't make them deaggro.

Lastly, I would like to make another (more general) suggestion: In the future, please consult with the community before you make huge gameplay changes. Take this vote for example, it was added AFTER the update took place. If you had posted the poll before the update, you would've seen that over 50% don't want it, and could've instead used your time and energy to make other changes.

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