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Post by GeriX » 08 Sep 2014 17:29

Hello, people of the Internet!

Here you can post your questions, wich are answered directly by the developers!

BUT, there are some norms for that:

1. Don't ask questions like:"When will the new update come?" and any other sensless/stupid questions we can't answer. If there will come a new Update soon, we will announce it!

2. Don't ask questions wich are already answered in the FAQ

3. If we don't answere questions directly, be patient, we are all busy and doing this in our free time.

4. Don't post suggestions or Bug Reports, for that there are other threads!

If you respect these rules, we will gladly answer your questions.


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Post by [XCF]Goblin » 08 Sep 2014 18:12

Is there an index table available that shows how many resets before an item despawns , ie : a house will despawn in X number of resets if not interacted with , a fence will despawn in ....... . It may be helpful

No there isn't atm., the time until a house despawns depends on the server. You can make a suggestion in the Suggestion thread.

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Post by stealth# » 08 Sep 2014 18:45

Do the new trucks, pickups, wrecks on the road since 1.7.9 count as a city?

Will this be fixed?

Discussion about the problem here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=410

The boxes for electrical circuits have the same problem. will they be fixed some day? I think, if its a "protection", nobody will roam around and build fences around them or sth like that. its not realistic. or at least reduce the distance to 10m and people who do this will loose their motivation.

No it isn't supposed to do that, it's on the Todo-list.

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Post by Killborn556 » 08 Sep 2014 19:50

Are there any planned changes to the level 3 bandit humanity and or more skins?
There will be more skins in coming updates.

Right now it's really hard to keep it because you get no humanity from bandit kills, It would be nice to get even 100-200.

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Post by Nick! » 08 Sep 2014 20:33

Is it possible to stancel the 3 Gunner Mii ?

Some people say it is, but you need other spraycans than descriped.

At the moment its not possible to paint the 3 gunner Mi

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Post by stealth# » 09 Sep 2014 08:02

Will the missing region north of the vladimir castle be completed at all?

before Zakopannoe Valley will be continued ?
Yes it will be finished. But we don't have a exact date yet.
will something happen to the oil rigs in the future (gamemechanic) ?
We will think about that, maybe you have some ideas? :D
Will the Ka-60 heli fixed? There are no windscreen glasses needed at all!
We will for sure, but we have currently other prioritys.
The Trader function is disabled by admins on many servers, including mine, can we expect changes (or additional value sets for the admins to choose (cheap-expensive)) to the values of goods/weapons? They think its too easy to get the stuff now.
Yes we are thinking about it. Next update will show.
Is the Pool of Supertesters full? Possibilities to join the Testteam? (team to find bugs before release of patches - finding bugs and stuff)
At the moment there aren't any more testers nescesary. If we need more people we'll make a post in the forums.


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Post by _Adriano_ » 10 Sep 2014 04:06

Hi, first of all, thanks for this great mod. I think you're doing a great job and making amazing things with Arma 2 engine.

Here some of my questions:

1) What happened to the mig15s?

Don't think this will come as it's to unrealistic for an Zombie apocalypse with it's 1050 km/h highspeed...

2) What happened to the elevator/lifts?

They are already added in some buildings.

3) What happened to the Season feature that were meant to be available in the servers?

Is planned, but we have other prioritys right now.

4) What happened to the volcanoes exploding at night?

Never heard of that...But I think it would be impossible, as it would make the server explode^^



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Post by Andrew_S90 » 10 Sep 2014 16:27

As a long time player, I have some questions!

1. Will the vehicles going over bridges ever be fixed? (such as Ford Transit MG/lada 2015 over the mainbridge)

We are working on it.

2. Will we see more survivor made vehicles? (bathmobile/scrap buggy etc) Love those!


3. Will we be able to upgrade the gate height to match the upgraded wall height?

Most likely yes.

4. Could we get another land/water vehicle? something that goes faster in water then wheeled titanic.. (bathmobile being like a speedboat in the water? :D)

Please don't post Suggestions here. Not planned yet, good chance that yes.

5. Could we get more colored gillie suits? Such as all red/all pink/all blue/all black etc. Would be for fun, not for camo :p (maybe buy at trader only so its not a big click menu on gillie suits.

Please don't post Suggestions here... Not planned yet, good chance that yes.

Much thanks! Love the mod!


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Post by Monkeyboyen » 10 Sep 2014 23:47

First of all I loved the new land addition that was added in the latest patch. I felt it was exactly what the game needed. The new land area are much more interesting than the old ones and I love how they connect the islands more together. I used to stay mostly on the big island but has after latest patch moved more over to the others.

1. What directions are Origins planing on going ? Right now I feel its going more for a high military style with. I mostly see combat SUV and battle helicopters now, before It was more praga and bathmobiles.

Our main concept is, has always been and will continue to be the Survival (and Realism) aspect, wich wich differenciates Origins from any other DayZ mod. But of course there will be some military background stuff wich will come in the soon time. But Survival will always be our main goal.

2. Are you going to fix the ammo bugs?

3. Are you planing to add more land area?

Yes, there are some more small parts that will be added, but not that much as it's getting a bit to big and in the end you wouldn't find anybody even on a full server.

4. Are skill system still planned ?

I'm not sure as the communite's opinions are really seperated. A lot of people like the idea, but there are also a lot who don't like it, we have to talk through that in the next days.

5. Will there be more variation to what buildings we can build ?


6. Will there be more variation to what clothings we can wear?

Most likely, yeah.

7. Will there be more variation to how we can mod vechiles ?

Most likey, yep.

9. Most of the buildings are designed to be destructible, while I feel this is not necessary with the current mode origins is in. Is this a area where you could work on to get better performance ?

This is a Arma core feature, wich can eventually be disabled, but I think it does no harm to the gameplay and it wouldn't do any difference to game performance.

10. Have you thought about looking into what Dayzero with regards to optimizing. Dayzero must be the smoothest mood I have played.

We will take a look at that.

11. Is it possible to get the fog from arma 3 to arma 2 ?

Nope, unfortunately not. The engine just isn't capable of doing that. And all the other Fog improvement mods/methods are extreeemly performance harming.

@Adriano I saw a elevator in Lype, not sure if its been there the whole time or if its new.


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Post by Killborn556 » 11 Sep 2014 20:04

Before the new update it was said that mags would be added for the MG36. As of now you still can only use G36 mags which makes the gun no different from the G36. The new mags are not at trader, sector b, or spawned anywhere that we have looked. Are they still going to be added?

The magazines have to be configurated which is very hard, maybe in the next patch it will be added but I can't guarrantee it.

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