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Dear survivors,

We are pleased to announce that the official server of Origin Mod — #INT005 — now a hardcore one. We are glad to invite all players who love first person to dive into the world of a true PVP. Just like old times.
Active administration, regular events with valuable loot as awards.

Server starts at September 17, 2016, 12.00 GMT+4



3DP: off
Difficult: expert
Start loot: nothing
PVP Mode: on (skills set to 100%)
AI-bots skill level (Sector B, missions, laboratory, KRK Island): 100%
Air Patrol difficulty: random (manually)
Turbo: off
Waypoint markers: off
Grass: on
Death massages: on
Weather: fair, Thursday is a foggy day
Night: dark
Lock vehicles: off
Barter Island: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (safe zone disabled)
Time for loot/body disappear: 30 minutes
How many minutes until next mission: 30
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