Sitting in silence.

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Sitting in silence.

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Vignette from Sabina.

The police station sat back behind a rusty chain link fence. The gate was gone. The front door was open.

I sat on the roof on the factory building over the road and felt my stomach shrinking. I was hungry.
Hungry is ok but being in a hurry to find food can get you in trouble so I try to let it ride.

I am watching, carefully. I am sure there is some here but, well, I am not sure. Maybe I am tricking myself.
Better safe than dead. Or worse. Like the angry not so dead yet that can run you down and, well I let that slide too.

Looks empty. I think I can force the door open . Maybe even close it if it is not too corroded.

Look around, I see nothing too obvious. I am feeling the hunger now. Bad. It's not too warm either.

I crawl across the roof to the ladder and slither over, all nice a quite. I can slowly back down making
little sound, like a cat. I have my pack at the bottom, to keep my shape low. That pack is too big to
lug around when creeping. So I stash it.

Nothing dead is around. I hear nothing. maybe the wind. probably. I glue to the wall and slide along to the
gate, wall is too tall to see over so I peer around. Nothing down the street. Empty. I sneek around the wire gate and
crouch next to the wall on the street side. I am in the open now. It's bad.

Look left and right, nothing, I scrurry across the road and into the police station car park. Then I glue to a wall next to the
front door. Listen. Nothing. Skirt around the back. Below windows, check the street. ok.

The back of the station is empty. There is no back entry so I can't egress out back. Rat in a trap if goes south. Hmm.
Listen. Nothing. Ok I circle around the building. Nothing of interest. I look in all windows that can see me. Nothing,
but if there was I would be in trouble. More bad. meh. I need to eat now. and thirst is bad.

Back to front door. street is clear. I look through the windows and scan. Corpse, litter and some gear. OK.
Try door. Door is stiff but it can move. I push very slowly. It gives a bit. I stop pushing. blood pulsing.
This is not good , I feel bad things coming. Why? Second sight? Maybe RTB? Damn I am shaking.

I lean my weight slowly agains the door to make the gap wider and the top hinges just turn to rust.
Fingers tingle hard and I am redding out. The door in slomo falls sideways down. Oh no.

The door crashes to the floor. A solitary clatter and smash louder than anything ever. The sound is a beacon.
It is so intense I am astonished. and the echo down the street. Calling. I am here. I am here. I am ... dead.

Run. I sprint across the street to the open gate in the tall wall from where I came. as I cross the middle I look right.
There at the intersection of the next block I see a man, was a man, an animated shell. Running. Then another.
Making animal rage noise. A mix of pain and rage.

They saw me. They are coming. I need to get to the pine forest. lose them there. And anyone else alive here knows I am here now too.

Damn it, no food today. Carry the hunger for a few more hours now. Maybe I can flank around to another place and try again.

I run like crazy to the trees then zig zag, running backwards now and then to check them, they are now slowing in the tress, losing sight.

A waste of precious energy. I prone under an tree and the sweat trickles from my brow. Heart pace slows.

Well the station door is open now, I guess that is good. Phew.
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