Our own Story...

Here you can post our stories or fan finction.
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Our own Story...

Post by Thomas Sullivan Magnum » 15 Mar 2016 14:42

The following is something made up on the spot within 2 minutes but I hope everyone will contribute to what could be a very serious, funny, diplomatic, political or whatever story we can create. I for one will take everything said with a 'pinch' of salt so feel free to add whatever you like but if people start to object I would expect people to respect other peoples belief's and start to change the subject. I dont want people deleting things but if it gets over debated, someone please progress with the story but be clever enough to move to a different plot or storyline.

Lets try and keep the theme Dayz related and have some fun... thanks for 'playing along'.

It was 2016 when the world itself finally realised mankind had gone too far. It started with one man's exploitation of fear and greed. From an unknown place and from someone unknown to the rest of the world a threat far greater than any nuclear weapon or hatred was unleashed on every poor soul who had been born to this world here on earth.

When the first signs of the disease had shown itself, and the majority of us became fully aware that this disease would embody everything we fear most... it happened and they turned...

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