Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by 3sec » 02 Nov 2015 01:56

Gear dialog auto-closing when losing focus of geared object
When I open my inventory while having the Gear option in my action menu I open the dialog to access the vehicles inventory in my crosshair/cursortarget. But when I turn away or lose the focus of exactly this object/vehicle because of the sitdown animation the dialog will automatically close as soon as I click in it. This will obviously start shooting if I have a weapon equipped.
Just had this happen with a mission lootcrate. Geared it, made the sitdown animation, lost focus and when I click I destroyed it with a few shots from my Mk Mod :evil:
Same problem in our base with the badly damaged vehicles. One misfire in the wrong direction and I can see my base burn...

Is this a bug? Any explanation for this behaviour? (To avoid accessing locked vehicles?)

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by Zidane9Z » 06 Nov 2015 21:50

The PKM bot shoots through the walls in sector b, this has been reported before and still nothing has been done about it. I thought you guys would actually start listening to us but seems like you aren't doing shit once again.

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by # Mr__Christmas | CapN_Cook » 18 Feb 2016 13:15

Hey there,

I've build my base in Origins at KrKav for about 2 years now on every server I got on (or the spot must be taken already)
And since 1.8, I get the message that I need to be 130m away from a city, Which is weird because I am 130m away from a city.

I know there is a little castle tower and a few broken down walls, but like I said, I've build my base there for 2 years now and never was this a issue.
But now I get that message (or in fact we, since my team mates can't build there either)

So is this spot changed to a city spot? and why?

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by Thomas Sullivan Magnum » 01 Mar 2016 10:19

Ive just had the same issue in Hefenburg Castle (Kameni) or however its called... seems they are stopping people from building bases at Castles :(

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by Edi » 19 Jul 2016 11:19


WE and more player have problem in sektor b.
10% bots dont kill by a wall.
20% bots kill by a wall.
30% bots kill by a wall.
40% bots kill by a wall.
50% bots kill by a wall.
60% bots kill by a wall.
70% bots kill by a wall.
80% bots kill by a wall.
90% bots kill by a wall.
100% bots kill by a wall. impossible to do

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Origins Mod 1.8 Bugs [English]

Post by Falcon » 13 Jun 2019 20:21

Is this mod dead?

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